Fees and Payments

A neuropsychological assessment is a detailed and complex process. The assessment process consists of an initial appointment, a series of child assessment sessions and a final feedback session. Your neuropsychologist will then complete a comprehensive and detailed neuropsychological report.

We charge an hourly rate of $280, which is below the recommended fee set by the Australian Psychological Society. You will only be charged for the initial appointment, assessment sessions, feedback session and the provision of a report. Additional letters or support forms (e.g., SEAS, NDIS) will incur a fee at the hourly rate. Contact with teachers/schools and health professionals will not incur a fee.


Medicare. Medicare rebates may be available for some assessments with an appropriate referral from a GP, Paediatrician or Psychiatrist. We are able to accept referrals under the Chronic Disease Management Scheme for Allied Health Services and the Medicare Helping Children with Autism Scheme (Paediatrician and Psychiatrist referrals only) for assessment and/or intervention. Depending on your child’s situation, we may also be able to accept referrals under the Better Access Initiative with a Mental Health Treatment Plan for intervention services.

Eligibility for Medicare rebates for assessment and intervention will depend on your child’s medical history and the referral question. Please speak to your referrer about your eligibility for a Medicare rebate and the rate available.

Private Health. In certain situations, families may be eligible for private health insurance rebates. Please be aware that rebate amounts vary between providers. It is not possible to claim health insurance rebates and Medicare rebates for the same consultation. You should check with your private health provider to determine the possible rebate rate available.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Some NDIS participants may be able to access funding for neuropsychological assessments and/or intervention sessions.

  • If you have a self-managed fund, and our services align with your support budget and goals, you may be able to use your funding to pay for neuropsychological assessment and/or intervention sessions.

  • If you have a plan-managed fund, you should speak to your Plan Manager to confirm whether funds have been allocated for these purposes and seek approval to access our services under your plan.

  • If you have NDIA-managed funding, you will not be able to use your funding for our services.

Transport Accident Commission (TAC). For individuals who have a TAC claim number and require neuropsychological services as a result of a transport accident injury, your sessions may be covered by the TAC. If you are accessing neuropsychological services immediately after your accident, you will usually be able to claim for six sessions with a referral from your doctor. In some situations (e.g., if you need more sessions or there has been a gap in your treatment), prior approval from the TAC may be required.

Department of Health, Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DH, DFFH). In some cases, DH or DFFH services (e.g., Child Protection) may choose to fund neuropsychological assessments. Generally, the individual’s Case Manager will contact our practice directly when a neuropsychological assessment is required through these services.

Please note that although in some cases you will require a referral to be able to access rebates, we are happy to provide neuropsychological services without a referral if you are not eligible for a rebate or not looking to have your costs rebated. Our Office Manager, Sarah Buatti, is available to answer any further questions you may have about possible rebates applicable to your circumstances. You can contact us here.

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