Assessment Process

Our assessment process is tailored according to your presenting concerns, specific questions from your referrer (e.g., Paediatrician), and your child’s age/developmental level. The assessment will include an interview with relevant family members/carers, consultation with your child’s teacher (through questionnaire and phone/email), and observation, interview, and assessment with the child. Parents are usually not in the room during standardised testing.

Initial Appointment

In the initial appointment your Neuropsychologist will undertake a developmental history with yourself (and your child if applicable) to understand their early development and current presenting concerns. Parents and classroom teachers will be asked to complete a questionnaire detailing the child’s strengths and weaknesses in preparation for this appointment.

Child Assessment Sessions

Generally two or three child assessment sessions (depending on the aim of the assessment) will occur, where your Neuropsychologist will work one-on-one with your child to complete a range of standardised assessments tasks.

Feedback Session

In the final feedback session, your Neuropsychologist will explain to you the assessment results, findings, and recommendations (your child typically does not attend this appointment, though older children may attend where appropriate).

Detailed Neuropsychological Report

Following the feedback session, a detailed neuropsychological report is compiled by the Neuropsychologist for you and the referrer. You will be encouraged to share a copy with your child’s school and any other supporters involved in their care. The report details your child’s developmental history, the assessment results (strengths and weaknesses), a formulation of the factors underlying their presentation and current difficulties, a diagnosis (where applicable), and individualised strategies and recommendations.

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