Fees and Payments

A neuropsychological assessment is a detailed and complex process. Direct assessment sessions will typically be for a period of two hours, over two separate sessions. A feedback session with parents will generally be for a period of one hour. A detailed report with specific recommendations, and summarising current and past assessment findings, will generally take four hours to complete.

An hourly rate of $240 will be charged (this is below the recommended fee of $251 per hour set by the Australian Psychological Society). You will only be charged for face-to-face contact (assessment sessions and feedback) and for the provision of a report, which will also be charged at the hourly rate. All other services including formulation of the case, calls to teachers, schools, other health professionals, and the writing of short letters will not be charged a fee.

You will also be sent copies of a detailed report for yourself, your child's school and your Paediatrician by post and email. The report will include a detailed developmental history, description of results, and formulation/conclusion. A summary of your child's strengths and weaknesses, and a list of recommendations and useful strategy handouts will also be included (four to six hour fee; six-to-ten pages in length).



Medicare rebates may be available. Please speak to your referrer to obtain the refund rate applicable and the necessary referral from your GP or Pediatrician. We are able to accept referrals under the Medicare Helping Children with Autism Scheme and the Chronic Disease Management Scheme for Allied Health Services, amongst others. 

Families may be eligible for private health insurance rebates in certain situations; please be aware that rebate amounts will vary between providers. It is not possible to claim health insurance rebates and Medicare rebates for the same consultation.