The Child and Adolescent Neuropsychology Group was founded by Dr Renee Testa to provide a diverse range of exceptionally high quality neuropsychological services to the general community including parents and families; professional colleagues in the medical and health sectors; in addition to the members of the education sector comprising teachers and schools.

OOur company selectively employs neuropsychologists with clinical and research expertise covering a range of specialties within the field of paediatrics and neurodevelopmental conditions. Neuropsychologists have a minimum of six years university training including postgraduate study (generally Doctorate Level) in an accredited Clinical Neuropsychology program. Because Clinical Neuropsychologists are specialist psychologists they are required by law to be registered as psychologists with the ‘Australian Health Practitioner Registration Agency’ and practice according the Australian Psychological Society's Code of Ethic


Dr Renee Testa; BBsc, Grad.Dip.Psych, DPsych(Neuro), MAPS(CCN)

Dr Testa’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Behavioural Science, Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology and a Doctorate in Clinical Neuropsychology. She is registered with the Psychologist Board of Australia, and is a full member of the Australian Psychological Association and the Clinical College of Neuropsychologists. Renee has co-ordinated the multidisciplinary Learning Difficulties Clinic and Neurodevelopmental Clinic for the Western Health Network for 8 years and has a long history working collaboratively with allied health professionals (social work, speech pathology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy), and with professionals within the school and education system. She has also run information and education sessions for teachers and schools on learning difficulties and intervention strategies and techniques. She is also a lecturer at Monash University within the Doctoral Clinical Neuropsychology Program teaching the paediatric neuropsychology course curriculum, and also conducts a program of research investigating paediatric disorders including Autism and Learning Difficulties. Renee is also a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre, Melbourne University. She has provided expert consultation to government departments such as Specialist Children's Services and the Department of Education.


Dr Julia Shekleton; BBNSc(Hons), DPsych, MAPS

Julia completed her Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Neuropsychology at Monash University. She has previously been employed as a Clinical Neuropsychologist in the Children’s Allied Health Department at Sunshine Hospital, and at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute on a research project investigating the longer-term effects of prematurity on cognition. Julia currently also works as a Clinical Neuropsychologist with an adult population. Her doctoral research was focused upon better understanding the relationship between traumatic brain injury sleep disorders and cognition, and she has several peer-reviewed publications in this field.


Dr Jessica Trevena-Peters; BOT/ BPsySc(Hons), DPsych (Clinical Neuropsychology)

Jessica originally trained and worked as an Occupational Therapist delivering assessment and rehabilitation in inpatient and community settings for individuals following acquired brain injury within a multi-disciplinary team. She was the senior occupational therapist of a private rehabilitation group. Jessica then went on to complete her Doctorate in Clinical Neuropsychology at Monash University. Her doctoral research focused on early intervention following brain injury. Jessica is a board member of the not-for-profit organisation, Heads Together for ABI (acquired brain injury). Within this she coordinates a recreational camp for families with a child with a brain injury. Jessica has a passion for working in a collaborative and holistic manner. It was these things, in addition to her strong interest in neurodevelopmental conditions that drew her to work within the paediatric setting of neuropsychology.


Ms Hayley Pickering; BA(Hons), MPsych (Clinical Neuropsychology)

Hayley is a registered psychologist who completed her Masters in Clinical Neuropsychology at La Trobe University. She is currently also completing her PhD in Neuropsychology at La Trobe University. Her research focuses on understanding the development of memory across typical and atypical development, and how this may impact on language acquisition.


Ms Nola Ross (Consultant); BAppSc (OT), MEd, MPsy (Neuro), MAPS(CCN)

Nola Ross is a highly experienced Clinical Neuropsychologist who specializes in the assessment of children and adolescents. She was the founding co-ordinator of the Learning Difficulties Clinic at Sunshine Hospital and has expertise in education and developmental difficulties. Nola now works in private practice and offers our group specialist consultation. Nola has extensive clinical and research experience in the area of Learning Difficulties, and clinical experience in the area of Developmental Delay and Autism Spectrum Disorders.